Liu Guiping Visited Daiwa House Industry Corporation of Japan


From August 6 to 10, Liu Guiping, Party Committee Secretary and Vice President of BNBM Group, led a group of staffs from the Technology Center and Design Institute to visit the pension projects and comprehensive research institute of Daiwa House Industry Corporation of Japan. Yoshinori Ariyoshi, Executive Director of Daiwa House Corporation and Head of Comprehensive Institute, gave the group a warm reception. Both parties had in-depth exchanges on the building industrialization and the future development trend of the building industry.

Executive Director Yoshinori Ariyoshi expressed warm welcome to the group led by Secretary Liu, and introduced the basic information of Daiwa House that Daiwa House Industry was established in 1955, and have 317 subordinate enterprises and 67,401 employees. Its business revenue was equivalent to RMB 223.3 billion in 2017, and the net profit exceeded RMB 15 billion. It is Japan's No. 1 Housing Construction Enterprise. The overseas business of Daiwa House has expanded to 20 countries and regions, ranking the 342nd in Fortune 500. Executive Director Yoshinori Ariyoshi highlighted that Daiwa House's career planning in the next 30 years will focus on human well-being, environmental safety, housing construction, intellectualization and urban agriculture.

Secretary Liu introduced China's building industrialization and the development of BNBM Group's housing undertakings. Both parties reviewed the situation that in the mid-1990s when Daiwa House guided BNBM Group for the construction of the first light steel residential building (No.1 Model House), and expressed their willingness to cooperate again.

At the group discussion, engineers and technicians from both sides had in-depth discussion on the selection of structural and technical system for building industrialization. Daiwa House also shared the progress of Japan's building industrialization and the successful experience of Daiwa House.

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